The AIMS Radio Project is a unique initiative among Canadian think tanks. Its purpose is to bring the ideas and research of the Institute to a wide audience in the region. With a weekly reach of some 400,000 people in Atlantic Canada, the Radio Project is among the most important of the Institute’s outreach programs.

Our 60-second radio clips discuss public policy issues of importance to Atlantic Canada. Many pieces coincide with the publication of full policy studies, thus bringing greater attention to our research. Others are inspired by current events in the region, in which we give a lucid and informative take on policy questions for public consideration.

The AIMS Radio Project is among our many successful initiatives. Like all of our work, it requires financial support from publicly-minded citizens who share our goal of better, market-based policy for the Atlantic region. To contribute to our growing radio program, please visit


Reform is needed to the Canada Summer Jobs

AIMS VP Alex Whalen joined the Sheldon MacLeod Show to discuss AIMS' latest study  Rethinking Student Job Subsidies: The Case For Regional Equity in the Canada Summer Jobs Program and why the Canada Summer Jobs program should be reformed. Listen ...

Should the Confederation Bridge keep the toll?

AIMS Vice President Alex Whalen discussed his views on the Confederation Bridge's toll with CBC PEI, contending that maintaining the toll for users was the fairest way to fund the bridge. Listen here: ...

What are the shortcomings of education faculties? AIMS Fellow Michael Zwaagstra weighs in

Hear AIMS Fellow Michael Zwaagstra on the Danielle Smith show discussing his recent AIMS op-ed, Education schools should follow the evidence and drop the fads, on the shortcomings of education faculties Listen here: ...

Paul Bennett on the cost of school storm days, Rick Howe Show

Hear Dr. Paul Bennett give the details of his latest report Missing in Action: School Storm Days, Student Absenteeism and the Workplace on the Rick Howe Show. Part 1: Part 2: ...

Alex Whalen: Beer on the Shelves and Canada’s Economic Freedom

Alex Whalen joined the Sheldon MacLeod show to discuss the recent news that some New Brunswick grocery stores have started selling beer on their shelves, how this relates to his 2018 study A Valuation and Analysis of Atlantic Canadian Liquor ...

Listen: too much governance?

Senior Fellow Ross Haynes joins Sheldon MacLeod on News 95.7 to describe his presentation to the Electoral Boundaries Commission about too much governance based on his 2018 report for AIMS. Listen to the full segment here ...

Listen: Postal Code Education

Paul Bennett, AIMS author and education commentator, joined the Rick Howe Show to talk about what’s happening with Halifax Schools, and it’s been one year since the release of the Glaze Report. Listen tot he full segment here ...
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Listen: Electric cars, Muskrat Falls and more

Hear Senior Fellow Ed Hollett discuss the on-going Muskrat Falls situation on CBC's On The Go with Ted Blades: ...
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Listen: AIMS President Discusses Nova Scotia’s Interprovincial Trade Action

For the 2pm hour, Marco Navarro Genie, President and CEO of AIMS, joined the Sheldon MacLeod show to discuss his recent departure from the Institute. What does that mean for him, and what does it mean for the think tank? ...

Listen: Why is it so tough for craft brewers in Atlantic Canada?

Craft Brewers in Nova Scotia feel they're being hampered by provincial policies, and Senior Fellow Ed Hollett knows why. Listen to him discuss the issue on the Sheldon MacLeod Show ...