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A New Canadian Partnership: The promising opportunity for interprovincial free trade

As Canadians, we earn our keep by trading. Millions of Canadian jobs contribute to our international trade, and those jobs, in turn, rely on Canadian businesses having secure access to many foreign markets. Canadians have an even longer history of ...
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Raising the bar and closing the gap: schools, income, and student success

Student performance can be highly varied in school systems and differences among children and teens from different classes or groups, marked by income, ethnic, or racial disparities, are commonly termed the ‘achievement gap.’ While the school board and schools have ...
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Opening the Taps

Craft brewing is a burgeoning industry in Atlantic Canada, yet while the number of small breweries has expanded in the last decade, Atlantic Canadian craft brewers claim that their businesses are hampered by bad government policies. AIMS' latest study Opening the ...
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Dearth of Opportunity: Tax Burden and Youth Outmigration in Atlantic Canada

Young residents of all four Atlantic provinces have made clear for decades that the best economic opportunities lie outside their home province. For every year since 1985-1986, more young people in their early 20s moved out of each Atlantic province ...
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Fair and Equal Representation: Nova Scotia’s Electoral Boundaries Dispute

Across Canada, by far the most common subject of possible reform is the voting system, specifically changes to the so-called "electoral formula." The two main alternatives that have been advanced in Canada are proportional representation and ranked voting. These correspond to ...
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Platform for New Brunswick: Public Policies for Growth and Prosperity

Platform for New Brunswick: Public Policies for Growth and Prosperity raises discussion of public policy reform. Author Marco Navarro-Génie, President of the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies, makes the case for more disciplined fiscal stewardship, better use of market mechanisms in ...
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An Untapped Potential for Educational Diversity

An Untapped Potential for Educational Diversity by Paige MacPherson is the latest study published by AIMS, demonstrating how a review of research on charter schools and the provincial education systems in Eastern Canada shows that such schools offer great potential to ...
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Hey Google! Why is the food industry in trouble?

By Sylvain Charlebois (AIMS Senior Fellow) Your own voice will likely become food retailers’ and restaurants’ most significant focus over the next little while. Voice searches are increasingly becoming the norm. A recent study suggests that more than 20% of ...
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Carbon tax will drive up grocery prices

By Sylvain Charlebois (AIMS Senior Fellow) The carbon tax is now a reality for all Canadians — and that means food prices will be impacted. The federal carbon pricing scheme took effect in Ontario, New Brunswick, Saskatchewan and Manitoba on ...
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Selling the farm, and quotas

By Sylvain Charlebois (AIMS Senior Fellow)  Most people expected an electoral budget, and that is exactly what Canadians got. For the agrifood sector, the budget was underwhelming at best, and provided little hope for the near future. Let’s start with ...
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Taking stock in Canada’s new food guide

By Sylvain Charlebois (AIMS Senior Fellow) and Simon Somogyi (AIMS Author) As most people know, Health Canada released a new version of Canada’s Food Guide just a few weeks ago. Advocating a diet focused more on plant-based eating and reductions ...
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Huawei, SNC-Lavalin, canola and sick pigs

By Sylvain Charlebois (AIMS Senior Fellow) Relations between China and Canada have never been more uncertain. The SNC-Lavalin Affair has exposed the Trudeau government to attacks from Chinese authorities, who claim Canada has unfairly treated Huawei’s executive Meng Wanzhou. She ...
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Saving Jell-O

By Sylvain Charlebois (AIMS Senior Fellow) If some were still looking for signs that the powerplay between brands and consumers is shifting, they got what they were looking for last week. Kraft Heinz, the owner of major brands we all ...
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Standardized testing still makes sense in P.E.I.

By Michael Zwaagstra (AIMS Research Fellow) P.E.I. plans to continue using standardized tests in schools and may even look to expand them. This should come as little surprise, particularly since a recent review by RMJ Assessments, an Ontario-based consulting firm, concluded ...
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