AIMS is bringing one of the most interesting people on the Québec political scene to Atlantic Canada.

As leader of the Action démocratique du Québec (ADQ), Mario Dumont proposes the “autonomist option”, a new constitutional orientation which aims to unite all Québeckers. He also challenges the current health care system and calls for greater openness to and involvement by the private sector.

The ADQ, which Dumont founded, has become a real force in Québec politics, and has at various times been the most popular party in the province. Dumont himself enjoys a strong following, while espousing a political philosophy quite at odds with the conventional wisdom of the province’s political class.

AIMS brings this new class of Québec politician to Atlantic Canada as guest speaker at two luncheons, one in Halifax on September 20th and the other in Moncton on the 21st. Register now to hear a new side of Quebec politics.

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