Whether it’s a fresh voice from Quebec, looting Ontario, or making a presentation to the influential Council of State Governments, this edition of The Beacon brings you inside some of the more interesting issues of our time.

Get the details on how to join ADQ Leader Mario Dumont for AIMS Luncheons in Halifax and in Moncton. The ADQ, which Dumont founded, has become a real force in Quebec politics.

Read an op-ed piece that appeared in The Toronto Star which told Ontario residents they were paying too much for equalization and its not helping the recipient provinces.

Hear what the influential Council of State Governments were told about Atlantica. “The Tale of Two Cities” uses lesson from our past to show the way to a more prosperous future.

Read why AIMS president Brian Lee Crowley says Atlantic Canada is at the tipping point where economic opportunity will outweigh political opportunity.

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