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October was a staple month for AIMS as we embarked on new and exciting projects and events in energy, healthcare, childcare, education and registry privatization.

The coming months will see incredible improvements in the way AIMS communicates and builds cooperation in the Atlantic community as we rebrand, redefine and reposition the Institute as a leading contributor to Atlantic Canada’s social and economic environment.

Stay tuned as we do what we do best: provide independent, organized, intellectual research in a way that captivates the minds of Atlantic Canadians.

Marco Navarro-Genie
President and CEO 

Public Participation in Quality Health Care and Policy Reform Forum
13 Oct 2015 at Halifax Central Library – O`Regan Hall
As a follow up to the May 2015 expert forum, AIMS was proud to partner with the Nova Scotia Co-operative Council to hold a full-day Public Participation in Quality Health Care and Policy Reform Forum on October 13, 2015 at Halifax Central Library – O`Regan Hall.  The participation of the Nova Scotia Co-operative Council is living evidence that concerns about stagnation and lack of innovation in delivering better, more efficient care for Nova Scotians cuts across many perceived ideological and social divides.

The event was a huge success as more than 70 people attended and shared their ideas on delivering better access to patient information and system governance. The morning and afternoon sessions were attended by leading experts in healthcare delivery, while the evening session was attended by members of the public. Both stakeholders provided exceptional feedback which will be incorporated into future forums.In our post-event survey, more than 81 per cent of respondents said they learned more about healthcare literacy, access to information and governance and system performance at the event. A majority of respondents (56.25 per cent) said governance and healthcare system performance was of most concern to them. And perhaps the most important statistic showed that 81.25 per cent felt there was sufficient opportunity to contribute as a member of the public.

In the coming weeks AIMS will be planning a series of cross-province forums and be ready to launch phase three of the Healthcare forums in other regions of the province.

We are grateful to the Hecht Foundation for their support in helping AIMS deliver healthcare reform in Atlantic Canada.


The Road Ahead: Options for Reforming Registry Service Delivery

In her report, The Road Ahead: Options for Reforming Registry Service Delivery, commissioned by the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies (AIMS), Meredith McDonald analyses provincial experiences with registry services in Canada. A copy of her report can be found here.

Checking the Math on Childcare

In his report, Checking the Math on Childcare, commissioned by the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies (AIMS), Ian Munro cautions Canadians about promises for a federal childcare program. Munroe’s report is available here.

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New radio ads target education, debt, and public sector

Atlantic airwaves are buzzing with AIMS’ policy messages identifying key policy initiatives such as economic diversification, debt, tuition reform and public sector costing.

With the Radio Project reaching 350,000 Atlantic Canadians weekly and creating more than one million impressions, the project is already gaining significant traction. More than 30 radio ads will be uploaded to the AIMS Sound Cloud by January, so feel free to share on social media and help AIMS get the message out. To listen, click here.


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