Equalization and Atlantica dominated the headlines and AIMS was intricately involved on both fronts.

AIMS’ Commentary, Still More Equal than Others: Capped equalization still too much, explains that regardless of a new formula and the debate over the cap, equalization receiving provinces spend more money on public services than provinces that do not receive equalization. 

When Atlantica 2007 rolled into Halifax, AIMS was ready to welcome discussion and debate. The facts dramatically outweighed impassioned opinions on the subjects as Atlantica gained further approval from policy makers and business leaders.

Everybody Wins: Why Growing the Port of Halifax matters to Moncton (and Saint John, Amherst, Bangor…), is the latest paper in the Atlantica Ports Series demonstrates that the Port of Halifax is a regional economic driver.

This informative issue of The Beacon also includes stories on AIMS latest work in health care and events on equalization as well as the Trade Investment and Labour Mobility Agreement signed between Alberta and British Columbia.

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