This edition of The Beacon takes you from Victoria, BC to Afghanistan; from the family farm to City Hall; and from your health care to their research and development.

AIMS Intern in Defence and Security Policy, Alex Wilner examines Canada’s role in Afghanistan. He clarifies some misconceptions and gives three reasons why Canad should remain.

CBC Radio called on AIMS acting president Charles Cirtwill to comment on a Conference Board of Canada report on Cities. From Victoria to St. John’s Cirtwill provided informed insight of what is really happening in our cities and what needs to be done.

A protest by pig farmers at the Nova Scotia legislature drove AIMS Director of Research Ian Munro to examine the role of the family farm and how it is treated. It made him wonder about all the other family businesses in Canada and questioned the treatment of each.

These are just some of the stories found in this edition of The Beacon, which can be opened by clicking here.