In January 2006, the US Department of Transportation announced that it would pick five corridor projects of national importance to receive substantial federal funding.

“The objectives of the Corridors of the Future Program are to:

  1. Promote innovative national and regional approaches to congestion mitigation;
  2. Address major transportation investment needs;
  3. Illustrate the benefits of alternative financial models that involve private sector capital;
  4. Promote a more efficient environmental review and project development process;
  5. Develop corridors that will increase freight system reliability and enhance the quality of life for U.S. citizens; and
  6. Demonstrate the viability of a transportation investment model based on sound economics and market principles.”

Based on the initial submissions, the US DoT narrowed the field to fourteen. The I-95 Corridor Coalition is one of these semi-finalists. A second submission from each of the semi-finalists is due on May 25.

One key tennant of the Atlantica initiative is recognizing the importance of accessing markets. One of the long-standing challenges has been the congested state of the I-95, effectively restricting north-south commerce.

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