By Brian Lee Crowley

The Baby Boom generation has changed consumerism as it aged. From baby formula to education, clothes to houses, Boomers made demands of the marketplace and got results.

In this talk to the Annual Meeting of the Canada-Sweden Business Association, AIMS president Brian Lee Crowley says for aging Boomers, health care is a product like all the others through the years. They will expect the best and will be willing to pay for it.

As he explains: “Basically we can say that those who have wealth and power will also succeed in getting the health care that they want. But we need to unpack that statement to see how both the international economic context and the structure of our populations will affect the ways in which the wealthy and the powerful, by which I mean chiefly the Baby Boom generation, are liable to get their health care in the years to come. ”

This will mean significant changes to the health care system, how it is delivered, and where it is delivered.

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