OF INTEREST: AIMS is pleased to republish this report by The Society for Quality Education, prepared by Paul W. Bennett of Schoolhouse Consulting. The report gives a review of virtual education, and ultimately finds that despite the advantages of introducing online and e-learning programs in the public education system, there are barriers to its growth and expansion.

Though students are becoming more tech-savvy and e-learning offers great potential to find cost savings and both attract and retain students, the report finds that most provincial teacher’s unions are slow to support online learning programs. There is often a disconnect between these programs and labour contract agreements, limiting online learning to a supplemental tool in the classroom.

Despite Canada’s initial advantage, The Sky Has Limits finds that the United States has surpassed in rate of growth for online learning over the past two years. With the exception of British Columbia, online and virtual learning is very slow-to-start in Canada’s K-12 public schools. Private execution of e-learning, on the other hand, is growing quickly.

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