IM6SmallAtlantica is about people with common needs – in a common neighbourhood – coming up with common solutions. The phrase “help yourself by helping others” comes to mind.

For years AIMS has promoted discussion about the geographical concept dubbed Atlantica. The region is broadly composed of the Atlantic provinces, eastern Quebec, the northern tier of New England states, and upstate New York. These territories share a number of common characteristics — similar demographics, diversity, and migration; a shared history, and interrelated transport issues. Perhaps most important, the residents of Atlantica have generally suffered from relative economic underdevelopment and growth compared to their respective national economies.

This edition of AIMS’ public policy magazine, Ideas Matter 6, updates Atlantica as it moves from concept to the front pages to accepted public policy.

It shows that Atlantica isn’t simply about trade, but about people. With articles by Perry Newman. Charles Cirtwill and Brian Lee Crowley it shows what has been done and what needs to be done to embrace the opportunities available to the region. From people, to energy, to transportation, to regulation, much has been accomplished, but there’s more to do.

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