Authors: Rick Audas and Charles Cirtwill

The Atlantic Institute for Market Studies has released the broadest set of public information ever presented on Atlantic Canadian secondary schools. The much-anticipated Report Card paints a rich, complex picture of the unique nature and performance of each high school in the region. Schools in Atlantic Canada lag behind the rest of the country in academic achievement. The objective of this study is to begin the examination of why this trend exists and what can be done to fix it, by analysing the performance of the education system school by school. This report ranks schools relative to what can be reasonably expected of them given their unique challenges and opportunities. On each measure, a school is given a “B” or better for exceeding expectations and a “C+” or worse for falling below expectations. These individual scores are then averaged to arrive at the final overall grade and rank for each school in each province. The only exception is Prince Edward Island, where no information is publicly available about high school performance, and the government declined an invitation to work with AIMS to identify suitable measures.

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