Author: Tom Tucker

This report’s primary purpose is to analyse the official submissions of the New Brunswick Power Corporation (NB Power) to the New Brunswick Legislative Assembly Standing Committee on Crown Corporations (the Committee) regarding the utility’s 1996-2001 business plan and to analyse the utility’s public response to other presentations received by the Committee,
particularly the AIMS study “New Brunswick’s Power Failure: Choosing a Competitive Alternative” presented October 10, 1996.

The overall theme of this report is that new approaches, a wider perspective, and a higher standard of accountability are required if ratepayers are to be better served and taxpayers adequately protected.

The secondary purpose of this report is to provide information to supplement the first AIMS study on NB Power regarding the utility’s finances and operations, to analyse energy policy developments in Québec that bear on New Brunswick, and to correct some minor errors in the original AIMS report.

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