To paraphrase Bob Dylan ‘the world it is a-changin’ and nowhere is that more evident than in global trading patterns and shipping infrastructure.

There have been massive changes in the past 20 years that should have provided significant opportunities for Atlantica. But that has not been the case. In fact, Atlantica’s economic growth has not kept pace with that of other regions.

However, as the continental interior continues to experience rapid growth and other gateways become clogged, attention is turning to expanding traffic through Atlantica’s corridors. That’s not to say it is clear sailing.

Several policy and infrastructure hurdles remain in the way. Methods do exist to remove these and this latest paper in the Atlantica series shows complacency would be costly. The benefits to North America generally and Atlantica in particular are clear and substantial. The time to realize the full potential of the Atlantica gateway has arrived.

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