P U B L I C   F I N A N C E   &   F I S C A L    F E D E R A L I S M

All four Atlantic Provinces face serious fiscal challenges. Public debt as a share of GDP is high, and debt servicing costs threaten to further constrain the ability of governments to keep taxes competitive and public services adequately funded in the years ahead.

Our work in the area of public finances and fiscal federalism draws on lessons from our own country’s history and other jurisdictions to identify successful strategies for public spending and tax reform that can help spur economic growth while improving the health of public finances. AIMS will also continue to be a leading centre for research on equalization and fiscal federalism.



Household Savings in Atlantic Canada, 1981-2015

Household Savings in Atlantic Canada, 1981-2015 discusses a low rate of household savings by Maritimers. While New Brunswick has an improved savings rate from the previous decade (following a modest upturn throughout Canada), Prince Edward Island’s household savings have remained constant. Meanwhile, Nova Scotia’s have worsened, with an average annual ...
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Platform for Nova Scotia

This Spring, the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies (AIMS) surveyed dozens of leading minds in Nova Scotia about the province’s future. Respondents discussed their concerns about Nova Scotia, including low growth, decaying public institutions, and demographic stagnation. To reverse decline, this group proposed many original and helpful insights for public ...
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NL budget continues risky strategy

By ED HOLLETT (AIMS Senior Fellow) Troy Media, 11 April 2017 The Telegram, 17 April 2017 The budget strategy laid out by Newfoundland and Labrador in 2016 was simple: government would hold down program spending, allow for some increases in total spending from higher debt servicing costs, and let rising oil ...
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New Brunswick: Atlantic Canada’s most urban province

By PATRICK WEBBER (AIMS Research Associate) Troy Media, April 6, 2017 Telegraph Journal, April 10, 2017   New Brunswick is often thought of as a rural place, aided by the absence of a single large urban centre. This sets New Brunswick apart from the other three Atlantic provinces, all with one ...
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Use the budget to restore public confidence

By ED HOLLETT (AIMS Senior Fellow) The Telegram, April 4, 2017 Based on their experience with tax increases last year, many Newfoundlanders and Labradorians are looking to Thursday’s budget with some understandable worry. This public anxiety is one of the reasons the provincial government should make a course correction. Here are ...
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David Murrell on CBC: Nova Scotia’s low savings rate

On May 25, AIMS Author David Murrell joined Bob Murphy on CBC Mainstreet to discuss Nova Scotia's low household savings rate. For more, please see Household Savings in Atlantic Canada, ...
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Manitoba should cut 36,000 civil service jobs, think-tank says

CBC News quoting AIMS President Marco Navarro-Génie By CBC News • CBC.ca, 07 March 2017 A Winnipeg-based think-tank recommends shrinking Manitoba's civil service workforce by about 36,000 jobs because it says the sector ...
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Marco Navarro-Génie speaking with CBC News Manitoba

On March 7, 2017, AIMS CEO Marco Navarro-Génie was interviewed by CBC News Manitoba about the newly released study published jointly by The Frontier Centre for Public Policy and the ...
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Jackson Doughart on Atlantic Austerity

On Dec. 9, 2016, AIMS Policy Analyst Jackson Doughart joined Jean-Albert Maire of Radio Canada to discuss AIMS's policy paper "Measuring Austerity in Atlantic Canada." The interview is in French ...
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