Rethinking Student Job Subsidies: The Case For Regional Equity in the Canada Summer Jobs Program

The Canada Summer Jobs Program is the federal government’s primary initiative for subsidizing work for the student-age population during off months at educational institutions. Recently, the program has come under scrutiny for Ottawa’s decision to impose a values test on ...
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Missing in Action: School Storm Days, Student Absenteeism and the Workplace

Missing in Action: School Storm Days, Student Absenteeism and the Workplace by Dr. Paul Bennett makes several recommendations to better serve the education and parents of school-age children such as adapting instructional time as a protected a provincial education priority, ...
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A New Canadian Partnership: The promising opportunity for interprovincial free trade

As Canadians, we earn our keep by trading. Millions of Canadian jobs contribute to our international trade, and those jobs, in turn, rely on Canadian businesses having secure access to many foreign markets. Canadians have an even longer history of ...
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Raising the bar and closing the gap: schools, income, and student success

Student performance can be highly varied in school systems and differences among children and teens from different classes or groups, marked by income, ethnic, or racial disparities, are commonly termed the ‘achievement gap.’ While the school board and schools have ...
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Opening the Taps

Craft brewing is a burgeoning industry in Atlantic Canada, yet while the number of small breweries has expanded in the last decade, Atlantic Canadian craft brewers claim that their businesses are hampered by bad government policies. AIMS' latest study Opening the ...
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Dearth of Opportunity: Tax Burden and Youth Outmigration in Atlantic Canada

Young residents of all four Atlantic provinces have made clear for decades that the best economic opportunities lie outside their home province. For every year since 1985-1986, more young people in their early 20s moved out of each Atlantic province ...
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Fair and Equal Representation: Nova Scotia’s Electoral Boundaries Dispute

Across Canada, by far the most common subject of possible reform is the voting system, specifically changes to the so-called "electoral formula." The two main alternatives that have been advanced in Canada are proportional representation and ranked voting. These correspond to ...
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Federal government making up fiscal rules on the fly

Appeared in Calgary's Business, January 5, 2020By Alex Whalen and Jake Fuss 170923-D-DB155-040 Last month, before the holidays, the Trudeau government released its fall economic update, which revealed—among other issues—that Canada’s federal debt-to-GDP ratio increased, meaning Canada’s debt has grown ...
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Nova Scotia’s health-care wait times among longest in Canada

Appeared in the Chronicle Herald, December 24, 2019By Bacchus Barua and Alex Whalen Nova Scotians are worried about health care—and rightly so, as the province’s wait times are among the longest in the country. According to a new study from ...
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New Brunswick’s high level of education spending produces relatively poor student performance

Appeared in the New Brunswick Telegraph-Journal, December 22, 2019By Tegan Hill and Alex Whalen Policymakers in New Brunswick too often take the mistaken view that more spending on education means better results. In reality, the province spends well above the ...
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Vaping and Teen Health: How Kids Got Hooked and Schools Got Caught Off-Guard

By Paul W. Bennett (AIMS Education Fellow) A New Brunswick principal, Brad Sturgeon of Fredericton’s Leo Hayes High School, has broken the silence and rung the alarm bell over the rapid spread of vaping among students – before, after and ...
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To keto or not to keto?

By Sylvain Charlebois (AIMS Senior Fellow) Are you on the ketogenic diet? Apparently, many people are, or have tried it in the last year or so. It is possibly the most popular dietary trend in North America right now. Over ...
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Finding Your Personal Health Information

By Dr. David Zitner (AIMS Senior Health Policy Fellow) Most businesses encourage clients to electronically access their own information because consumers value the efficiency and convenience of electronic access. Unfortunately, the Nova Scotia Department of Health (DOH) has a different ...
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Beyond coffee?

By Sylvain Charlebois (AIMS Senior Fellow) Bean-less coffee is a thing now and could hit the market as early as next year. Our summer was marked by key announcements from major food chains who have decided to switch to plant-based ...
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