Public policy studies are the stock-in-trade of the Institute. Our studies are academically-rigorous examinations of important policy questions in Atlantic Canada, covering our wide range of research interests and receiving many awards for their scholarship and impact. All research papers meet academic standards for peer review and advance the public policy discussion in the region. Find below an archive of our policy studies.

Opening the Taps

Craft brewing is a burgeoning industry in Atlantic Canada, yet while the number of small breweries has expanded in the last decade, Atlantic Canadian craft brewers claim that their businesses are hampered by bad government policies. AIMS' latest study Opening the Taps: Liberating craft brewers to grow a new industry by Joseph Quesnel, Patrick Webber and Ed Hollett proposes alternatives to the policies that craft brewers in the region identify as most burdensome. The three primary policy areas reviewed in this paper are: • the relatively high tax rates on craft beer production,1 • myriad restrictions on the conduct and freedom of ...
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Dearth of Opportunity: Tax Burden and Youth Outmigration in Atlantic Canada

Young residents of all four Atlantic provinces have made clear for decades that the best economic opportunities lie outside their home province. For every year since 1985-1986, more young people in their early 20s moved out of each Atlantic province than moved into it from elsewhere in Canada. Over the past two decades, the outflow of youth from the Maritimes has been approximately steady. In Newfoundland and Labrador, previously very high levels of youth out-migration have fallen in the past decade. It is no surprise that youth have been leaving Atlantic Canada to seek economic opportunity elsewhere. A recent study ...
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Fair and Equal Representation: Nova Scotia’s Electoral Boundaries Dispute

Across Canada, by far the most common subject of possible reform is the voting system, specifically changes to the so-called "electoral formula." The two main alternatives that have been advanced in Canada are proportional representation and ranked voting. These correspond to two separate complaints about the plurality voting system, the incumbent model at the federal level and in all 10 provinces at the time of writing: 1) there are times great disparities between a political party's share of the popular vote and its share of the seats int he federal parliament or a provincial legislature, and 2) that candidates need not ...
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Platform for New Brunswick: Public Policies for Growth and Prosperity

Platform for New Brunswick: Public Policies for Growth and Prosperity raises discussion of public policy reform. Author Marco Navarro-Génie, President of the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies, makes the case for more disciplined fiscal stewardship, better use of market mechanisms in health care, developing New Brunswick’s energy resources, and evidence-based education policy. New Brunswick will hold its 39th general election on Sept. 24, 2018. The policy discussions that accompany the campaign are of vital importance to New Brunswick, given its financial difficulties and slow economic growth. The Institute submits this platform as a point of discussion for New Brunswick media and ...
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An Untapped Potential for Educational Diversity

An Untapped Potential for Educational Diversity by Paige MacPherson is the latest study published by AIMS, demonstrating how a review of research on charter schools and the provincial education systems in Eastern Canada shows that such schools offer great potential to widen educational options to students of all income levels, and may be exceptionally valuable for engaging disadvantaged students in classroom learning. The study also acknowledges that paradoxically, charter school reform in the region could not be introduced without some political resistance. Charter schools function as autonomous, government-funded, non-profit schools that charge no tuition, each offering a unique educational approach and ...
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