Paul Boothe is Professor of Economics at the University of Alberta. He recently completed a two-year secondment as the Deputy Minster of Finance and Secretary to Treasury Board for the Province of Saskatchewan. He received his undergraduate training in economics at the University of Western Ontario and his doctoral degree from the University of British Columbia. Before joining the Economics Department at the University of Alberta, Dr. Boothe worked in the International Department of the Bank of Canada. He has held visiting positions at Queen’s University, University of Tasmania, and Alberta Treasury. His current research interests include fiscal relations between governments and government budgeting and performance measurement. Dr. Boothe has authored or edited numerous books, articles and monographs, including Tax Collection in Canada: Principles for Design, Prospects for Reform (with T. Snoddon, C.D. Howe Institute Commentary, 1994), The Growth of Government Spending in Alberta (Canadian Tax Foundation, 1995), Reforming Fiscal Federalism for Global Competition (University of Alberta Press, 1996), and Finding a Balance: Renewing Canadian Fiscal Federalism (C.D. Howe Institute, 1998). Dr. Boothe is a fellow of the Institute for Public Economics and the C.D. Howe Institute.