Annette Ryan is the Senior Analyst of Federal Fiscal Relations for the Department of the Provincial Treasury in Prince Edward Island. She is responsible for providing analysis and recommendations to the Province on all aspects of federal fiscal arrangements, which include Equalization, the Canada Health and Social Transfer, and Personal and Corporate Income Taxes and labour market policy. She has written numerous policy and technical reviews of the Equalization program and represents the province on the federal-provincial- terroritorial Major Transfers Sub-Committee. Ms. Ryan has provided expert advice on Canadian fiscal federalism to the Séguin Commision on Fiscal Imbalance and the Devolution and Constitutional Change research programme in the United Kingdom.

Previous to joining the province, Ms. Ryan conducted research on labour markets and innovation policy at the Institute for Fiscal Studies in London, England. She holds a Masters degree in Economics from Oxford University, which she attended as a Rhodes Scholar, and an honours degree in Mathematics from Acadia University in Nova Scotia.