Perhaps the single most important determinant in the future success of Atlantic Canada is its position relative to the emerging global network. While the benefit of its location is clearly significant, so too is the region’s position relative to economic, technological and military forces. Geography may be static, however in the age of globalization if a region does not find an advantageous position in the global network, it risks being left behind.

Drawing on material from Michael Gallis’s presentation Nation States and Economic Regions in the Global Network and the large body of research AIMS has completed on the international northeast economic region, AIMS’ president Brian Lee Crowley paints a compelling picture of the importance Atlantica’s place world trading patterns.

In a speech before the Atlantic Provinces Chamber of Commerce, May 29, 2004, and  using a series of illustrative maps,  Dr. Crowley outlines the historical impediments to economic integration and charts a new course for the success of the international northeast economic zone.

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