In March 2003, the Government of Canada announced the creation of several bodies to examine issues related to the possible lifting or the offshore oil and gas exploration and development moratorium on Canada’s west coast. The Public Review Panel is one of those bodies. The Panel, composed of Mr. Don Scott, Dr. Diana Valiela and Chairman Roland Priddle, is conducting public hearings in B.C. communities to provide interested parties with the opportunity to express their views on matters relevant to the moratorium. These matters include science, the environment, protected areas, and socio-economic issues.

Given AIMS’ extensive experience in offshore oil and gas public policy in Canada’s east coast, AIMS President Brian Lee Crowley was invited by His Worship Lynn Nash, Mayor of Campbell River, to come and brief the Panel on the relevance of the east coast offshore experience to the BC offshore moratorium. Read the formal part of Dr. Crowley’s remarks at the Panel hearings in Victoria, Sorting out fact from emotion in the offshore: Everybody take a Valium.