In this edition of The Beacon:

AIMS takes another intense look at Canada’s equalization program in the wake of the federal government’s Expert Panel on Equalization. The findings of a special Commentary Series shows equalization receiving provinces are doing quite well on a number of measures, actually better than the country’s richest provinces.

A loosely based coalition discovered AIMS’ Atlantica concept, and the coalition’s protests quickly moved Atlantica to the headlines. It also provided an opportunity to more fully explore and explain the concept.

The value of fish landings around Atlantic Canada are on the rise, in spite of the perception that the industry is on the way out. In a guest commentary, the executive director of Newfoundland’s Association of Seafood Producers explains there’s a good living still to be made in the fishery, but the problem is there are just too many plants, too many boats and too many people.

And we take a look at what the agriculture industry has to do to stay on top of the market. 

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