Bill Black of New Start Nova Scotia discusses the challenges facing our public healthcare system – and how we can remedy them.

Stewart Kronberg suggests the Conservative majority government bring back the Restoring Fiscal Balance paper, as the time for it is ripe.

AIMS President and CEO Charles Cirtwill discusses two public relations campaigns that have Atlantic Canada asking Ottawa for money. The fitst campaign focuses on what Cirtwill calls “tin-cup federalism,” while the second is focused on shipbuilding in the region.

AIMS Director of Research Don McIver suggests the federal government is “killing us softly with their love,” through the federal transfer programs.

AIMS Board Chair John Risley thinks Atlantic Canada needs something it can be known for internationally – and suggests the “next great debate” should be focused on creating this Atlantic Canadian “marquee.”

Michael Zwaagstra’s series on education is featured on AIMS blog Straight Talk!

AIMS is featured in the media.

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