The debate in Canada over public versus private health care remains as polarizing as ever. Enter the Canadian Health Care Consensus Group (CHCCG), coordinated by AIMS. In its first Background Paper, the CHCCG provides a definition of the terms so people can understand the difference between the delivery of the service and payment for the service.

For our schools, AIMS vice president Charles Cirtwill explains it’s not how much money we spend, but how we spend it. He explains that if spending more money means better education, then students in Atlantic Canada should be doing better on national tests then they were at the turn of the century. They aren’t.

Also in this edition of the Beacon, AIMS’ Intern in Security and Defence Policy examines the UN’s role in brokering an unified international counter-terrorism response; AIMS’ president responds to critics of public policy think tanks; and from the pages of the Toronto Star AIMS Fellow in Health Care Economics examines a pharmacare plan for Canada. 

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