On April 25th, AIMS and other leading policy, trade and infrastructure experts from across Canada, the US and Mexico were in Toronto at the invitation of federal minister Tony Valeri for a landmark roundtable on trade corridors and their importance to Canada and the continent.

In addition to AIMS President Brian Lee Crowley, some of the speakers included Allan Gottlieb, Canada’s former Ambassador to the United States; Wendy Dobson, former President of the C.D. Howe Institute; and Michael Gallis, renowned advisor to governments trying to position themselves advantageously in the world trade network.

Trade corridors are increasingly seen as the road to economic success for many regions; those areas that fail to get connected to the global trade network will be left behind. AIMS’ Atlantica concept provides a strategy for cooperation between the Atlantic provinces and the northeastern United States to build a trade corridor south to the major east coast markets, and west to the North American industrial heartland.

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