Municipal Affairs & Economic Development

M U N I C I P A L   A F F A I R S  &  E C O N O M I C   D E V E L O P M E N T

Even though news cycles do not pay as much attention to municipal policies, many of the most important policy decisions that affect Canadians and their families most directly are made at the municipal level. AIMS research on Municipal Affairs focuses on identifying the policy choices that help cities and towns thrive and develop economically and which ones lead to stagnation and decline.

This research area also deals with one of the most important objectives of public policy – to enable Economic Development and growth. Given the fiscal challenges we face in our region, and the social challenges flowing from rates of poverty and unemployment that are above the national average, the need for pro-growth economic policy in Atlantic Canada is especially urgent.


Italy is on the verge of damaging the EU in a way that will dwarf Brexit

By PATRICK LUCIANI (AIMS Senior Fellow) • Financial Post, 8 December 2016 Rarely does a chance come along to shift a nation’s fortunes by changing its constitution. Italy had that chance and, in the process, could rid itself of an elite and bloated public administration and effectively abolish one branch ...
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Seven Habits of Highly Effective First Nations

A Report by Tom Flanagan and Lee Harding Seven Habits of Highly Effective First Nations examines 21 First Nations in Canada who scored highly on the 2011 Community Well-being Index (CWB), which is computed by researchers at the Department of Indian and Northern Affairs (INAC) after each census. The CWB index ...
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Atlantic Canada, Justin Trudeau’s new Liberal base

Originally printed in the C2C Journal. The electoral influence of Atlantic Canada has been diluted with the addition of 30 seats to the House of Commons because none of them will be in the Atlantic region. But the region’s 32 seats still matter in a close three-way, country-wide race between ...
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Do City Rankings Carry any Real Value?

Is Toronto the world’s best city? That’s what the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) calculates after assessing a number of cities around the world. Here’s the kicker pick; Montreal came in second out of a list of 25 cities including Amsterdam, Tokyo, Paris, Zurich and Taipei. Putting Toronto on top may ...
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Doorknob Ban Isn’t an Open-and-Shut Solution

Vancouver’s recently passed legislation outlawing round doorknobs for new construction, favouring protruding levers instead, seems enlightened and compassionate toward those with limited manual dexterity such as the elderly. Coun. Jennifer Watts promises similar enlightenment for Haligonians. Perhaps less impressive is the ideological motivation of progress. For some, the thought of ...
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NowNS: Nova Scotia good news worth talking about

News article mentioning AIMS study Seven Habits of Highly Effective First Nations • Chronicle Herald, 07 February 2017 The dramatic, doomsday headlines stick out in a reader’s memory and too ...
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Moncton : le prix des maisons le plus bas au pays

News article mentioning the 13th Annual Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey • Radio-Canada New Brunswick, 23 January 2017 A Radio-Canada news story discusses housing affordability, mentioning the results of the ...
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NE lawmakers propose seceding from Eastern Time

In the Cape Cod Times, AIMS President Marco Navarro-Génie is quoted in a story about the advantages of the Atlantic time zone. He argues that "In the age of high-volume ...
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