News article mentioning AIMS study Seven Habits of Highly Effective First Nations
Chronicle Herald, 07 February 2017

The dramatic, doomsday headlines stick out in a reader’s memory and too often those stories of economic success, collaboration and courage are forgotten the day after they make the news cycle.

Being Nova Scotian has come to include defending your hometown and convincing others that we’re way more than a have-not province dependent on outdated industry. Here are some some conversation starters that are sure to get even the most experienced pessimists thinking on the bright side:

The headline: Success in indigineous communities

The details: Nova Scotia’s Membertou First Nation is an economic role model, according to a study published by The Atlantic Institute for Market Studies and the Frontier Centre for Public Policy called Seven Habits of Highly Effective First Nations.

Why it matters: Success within our indigineous communities shows the impact of successful leadership, collaboration and entrepreneurship.

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