E D U C A T I O N   &   T R A I N I N G   P O L I C Y

AIMS has established itself as one of Canada’s leading centres for research on education policy. Our research on education policy is centred on two major themes: Increasing accountability in public educational institutions and providing information for parents and students about how well their schools are performing and identifying and researching policy options that expand educational choices and remove the barriers that trap students in failing institutions – parents and students deserve more than one educational choice.

The Institute’s research program in the education and training policy file has not only elevated the discourse in a number of areas, but our AIMS pioneering research on evaluating the quality of education has helped to introduce more accountability and transparency in the region’s elementary and secondary education systems. AIMS “School Report Cards” have been a focal point for our high-impact, policy-relevant research and commentary.



Re-Engineering Education: Curing the Accountability and Democratic Deficit in Nova Scotia

Paul Bennett proposes a new approach to public education in the province to create a more effective, accountable, and responsive school system. His latest study from the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies suggests school-based management that would reduce governance to two levels: the department and the school. This would eliminate ...
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Reinventing the Building of Schools

The Real Legacy of Public-Private-Partnership (P3) Schools in Nova Scotia Reinventing the Building of Schools revisits the history of public-private partnerships for school construction. Though the province's experience with P3's since the mid-1990s has been widely described as a failure, the paper contends that the record is far more favourable ...
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Post-Secondary Tuition and Low-Income Access

© UNB. Post-Secondary Tuition and Low-Income Access discusses New Brunswick's Tuition Access Bursary program, which covers college and university tuition for the children of families earning under $60,000 per year. Author Patrick Webber's paper reviews numerous studies, surveys and reports from domestic and international sources, which speak to the relationship ...
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E-Learning in K-12 Schools: The Prospects for Disruptive Innovation

E-Learning in K-12 Schools The Prospects for Disruptive Innovation A report by Paul W. Bennett E-Learning in K-12 Schools examines how Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador lost the e-learning initiative, why centralized top-down “21st century learning” visions run aground, and how school system constraints ...
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Extending the Educational Lifeline

The Atlantic Institute for Market Studies (AIMS) is proud to release Extending the educational lifeline: The benefits of adopting Nova Scotia’s Tuition Support Program (TSP), authored by Dr. Paul Bennett, Director of Schoolhouse Consulting. The study is the third special education-related paper released by Dr. Bennett for AIMS, and follows ...
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AIMS research on teacher accountability referenced in Telegraph-Journal commentary

A commentary in the Telegraph-Journal referenced AIMS research on teacher accountability. Read the article here Read the AIMS research on teacher accountability here ...
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Dr. Paul Bennett oped featured in the Chronicle Herald

On June 13th, 2018, AIMS author Dr. Paul Bennett had an opinion piece published in the Chronicle Herald titled "Opaque site selection process for new Eastern Shore school riles residents." ...
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Education Reform and Atlantic Canada

March 1st, 2018: Dr. Paul Bennett, author of the newest AIMS study, joined the Rick Howe Show (95.7FM) to discuss a new approach to education reform in the province ...
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More control for parents and communities is best way to reform schools

Media Release More control for parents and communities is best way to reform schools Halifax - 26 February 2018: By switching control of education from school district to school site, Nova Scotia ...
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