President of Dalhousie University

Richard Florizone is the 11th President of Dalhousie University. Before coming to Dalhousie, Florizone served as Vice-President, Finance and Resources, at the University of Saskatchewan since 2005. During his time at the University of Saskatchewan, Florizone remained an active and respected academic, publishing several papers and giving lectures and seminars in the Department of Physics, the College of Engineering, the School of Business, and the School of Public Policy.

Prior to joining the University of Saskatchewan, Florizone served as Director, Strategic Initiatives, at Bombardier Aerospace in Montreal and as Consultant and Project Leader with the Boston Consulting Group in Toronto, where he developed business strategies for clients in Canada, Europe, and the United States. During a leave from the Boston Consulting Group, he worked at the University of Cambridge as a Senior Corporate Liaison Officer and Fundraising Consultant for the university’s 800th Anniversary Campaign.

Florizone also served on secondment as Senior Advisor to the World Bank Group’s International Finance Corporation, where his research and advisory work focused on public-private partnerships.

Florizone earned his Doctorate in Physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.