vev Dahlby is a Professor of Economics at the University of Alberta. He was born at Beechy, and grew up on a farm near Star City, Saskatchewan. He attended the University of Saskatchewan, Queen’s University, and the London School of Economics. He has published extensively on tax policy and fiscal federalism. His research has appeared in the Journal of Political Economy, Journal of Public Economics, International Tax and Public Finance, Canadian Journal of Economics, among others. Dr. Dahlby was a member of the Technical Committee on Business Taxation (the Mintz Committee) which issued its report on reforming business taxation in April 1998. He has also served as a policy advisor to the Alberta government, worked on tax reform projects at the Thailand Development Research Institute in Bangkok, and served as a technical advisor on an International Monetary Fund mission to Malawi. He has served as an Associate editor of Canadian Public Policy and the editorial board of the Canadian Tax Journal. In 1998-99, he held a McCalla Research Professorship at the University of Alberta.