AIMS Fellow in Public Education Reform

Considered one of the top educators in North America, AIMS Fellow in Public Education Reform Angus McBeath is making a difference in public education. As superintendent of the public schools in Edmonton, Mr. McBeath (pronounced McBeth) lead the ongoing effort to improve student achievement in that city’s public school system.

An educator for more than 30 years, Angus McBeath began his teaching career in 1972 in the province of Prince Edward Island. In 1976, he joined Edmonton Public Schools as a teacher at Aldergrove School. In 1980, he became assistant principal at Belmont School. From 1983-85 and 1985-86, he served as principal at Belgravia and Sweetgrass schools respectively.

In 1986, McBeath moved to an administrative role as Director of Program Development. Six years later, he was appointed Assistant Superintendent of Continuing Education Services where he remained until he was asked to serve as Acting Superintendent with the departure of then Superintendent Michael Strembitsky in 1994.

After the appointment of Dr. Emery Dosdall to the Superintendent’s post, Mr. McBeath continued to play a senior executive role in district administration. He served as Department Head until July 1, 2001, when he was once again asked to take on the role of Acting Superintendent. The Board of Trustees subsequently appointed him Superintendent of Schools on September 14, 2001.

As Superintendent of Schools, Mr. McBeath lead the ongoing effort of Edmonton Public Schools to improve student achievement. The Edmonton School Model is held as one of the finest in North America.

Mr. McBeath retired in the fall of 2005, and joined AIMS as its Fellow in Public Education Reform. He is in the midst of a North American speaking tour. To learn more about the tour and his message, click here.

In addition to his considerable career achievements, Mr. McBeath has published articles in American Association of School Administrators and Cross City Foundation publications. He has also been a keynote speaker numerous times on the subject of site-based decision making and improving student achievement.

Mr. McBeath also currently serves as Superintendent Emeritus with Focus on Results, an international consulting firm specializing in results driven improvement efforts.