The electricity angle and climate change

On Jan. 30, 2017, AIMS hosted a breakfast talk with Allan Fogwill, President and CEO of the Canadian Energy Research Institute (CERI), to present findings from its recent study “Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reductions in Canada Through Electrification of Energy Services.”

Climate change is a hot topic of discussion among business and political types and through society at large. What role does our electricity grid play in reducing GHG emissions? What transitions are required in energy end-use, what are the associated costs, and how might this be achieved?

The talk focused on the viability of electrification as a climate change mitigation strategy, its benefits and complications.

Mr. Fogwill and CERI kindly provided the slides from his presentation for publication on the AIMS website. One can download them by clicking this link. Please visit for more information on the Institute’s research on energy and electrification.

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