In this commentary, Bill Black of New Start Nova Scotia looks at the Halifax Regional Municipality’s Stadium Analysis Report, and finds considerable challenges facing the potential stadium in Halifax. Most importantly, there doesn’t seem to be a viable business case for it.

While the stadium would be too small to host almost any major sporting events, the proposed seating capacity and operations suggest the Municipal Council might be aiming to host the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup Tournament. However, there is much competition for that spot, and there’s a large hosting fee – on top of the forecasted operating loss of about $500,000 per year that the stadium would have.

In spite of these considerable challenges Municipal Council has decided to spend a further $275,000 on another report. On Dec 6th HRM council will resume discussion of a new stadium. The provincial government has already declined to participate, and it is unlikely the federal government will proceed without the province.

In Stadium Studies, Bill Black reveals that by the time the second report was received the municipality had spent $375,000 on consultants and used considerable time from able volunteers. The Phase 2 Report does not address any of the more important questions to be considered. Black hopes HRM Council will not spend any more money in pursuit of the FIFA timetable. But perhaps a good case can be made for a community facility with 1,000 to 2,000 seats in the preferred Dartmouth Crossing location.

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