This commentary outlines an AIMS submission to the Standing Committee on International Trade of the House of Commons, wherein AIMS strongly endorses the objectives of trade liberalization between Canada and the European Union. AIMS Director of Research Don McIver appeared before the Committee in Ottawa on November 24th to discuss the Canada-European Union Trade Agreement (CETA) Negotiations.

AIMS fundamentally recognizes the benefits of trade liberalization. The Institute supports efforts to reach a free trade agreement between Canada and Europe. AIMS believes that many of the provisions that Canada might be expected to concede in order to reach this agreement are in our own self-interest. For example, dismantling supply management to increase consumption and efficiency; revising our government procurement practices to achieve greater competition; harmonizing our intellectual property rights with those of the EU to attract high-value research and development activities; and facilitating labour mobility through labour certification to maximize our economic activity.

In this CETA submission, McIver makes a clear case to the Canadian government that a Canadian-European Union Trade Agreement would be in our country’s best interests.

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