“Communities need to be adaptive and flexible, allowing for innovation to occur spontaneously. They need to be far more attuned to what makes people want to live in particular places that they ever were before. And they need to remember that the technological changes and the ease of movement . . . .not only mean that cities that get it right will enjoy substantial growth and development, but that cities that get it wrong will more quickly suffer the ills of urban decay, economic decline, population loss, falling property values, etc.”

So explains Brian Lee Crowley in this Commentary based on his talk to the East Hants Chamber of Commerce in Nova Scotia. He describes an entrepreneurial community as one with imagination and vision.

Crowley points out that attracting and keeping people is the inescapable imperative for entrepreneurial communities. So that the wants and needs of the future residents of an area must be given significant weight, “because the future depends on catering to the tastes and preferences of people who don’t live here yet.”

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