It’s likely the most hotly discussed public policy issue in New Brunswick in generations; the sale of NB Power assets to Hydro Quebec.

When the proposal was first announced, the reaction was quick. People appeared to either like the idea or hate it. In the following months AIMS published to analysis on the initial MOU. The first was by Gordon Weil, President of Standard Energy of Maine. The second, a response to that analysis, was written by William Marshall, an energy consultant* and past President of New Brunswick Service Operator.

Then the New Brunswick government announced changes in the proposed sale. The so-called MOU2 has also drawn support and criticism. Again Weil and Marshall weighed in.

To read Gordon Weil’s analysis of the revised deal, click here.

To read William Marshall’s analysis, click here.

* As a consultant Bill Marshall works for and has worked for a number of provincial departments of energy in eastern Canada, including NB Energy.