This Commentary, written by Gordon L. Weil, President of Standard Energy Company in Maine and a well-respected analyst of the electrical industry, provides an independent analysis of the MOU signed between New Brunswick and Quebec for the sale of NB Power.

“My findings about the MOU are based on my long experience in the electric sector and my research on the deal. I have tried to bring to bear a level of expertise in the matters at hand,” says Weil. His Commentary examines the projected amount of benefits, the risks in achieving them, and their timing.

Weil is an independent consultant on transmission and power supply matters. He previously served as Maine’s Energy Director and Public Advocate, headed the national organization of state energy agencies and chaired the negotiations creating the New England grid. He has worked for electric customers in Canada and the United States.

This paper and its conclusion have nothing to do with NB politics,” he says. “People there will decide if what the deal really produces is sufficient to make it worthwhile. I make no recommendation on accepting the deal, but explore areas where more work might be done before a final agreement.”

“GordonÅfs analysis is one of the few impartial reviews conducted of this deal to date,” says AIMS President and CEO Charles Cirtwill. “He raises concerns that need to be addressed if this deal goes forward.”

“For anyone with an interest in this MOU, this should be mandatory reading,” says Cirtwill. “For those against the deal, it raises serious red flags; for those in favour, it provides key issues that need to be resolved before sign off.”

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