By Gerry Nicholls 

On December 7th the MacDonald-Cartier Society will be hosting a panel discussion in Ottawa entitled “The conservative movement at the crossroads.” The speakers will include columnist John Robson, Joseph Ben-Ami of the Canadian Centre for Policy Studies, Don Lenihan of the Public Policy Forum and me. For more details go here.

We have been hearing lots of news about the “Climategate Scandal” about how certain climate scientists may have manipulated or hidden data related to “global warming.” But what does it all mean, if anything. Luckily environment expert Ken Green offers some insights over at the Frontier Centre for Public Policy. Here’s a sampling: “The institution of science has no place in it for hiding data, hiding data-processing, shaping data to conform to pre-existing beliefs, undermining the peer-review process, cherry-picking reports in order to slant political IPCC reports, or slandering critics by comparing them with flat-earthers, moon-landing conspiracy theorists, or holocaust deniers.”

The Atlantic Institute for Market Studies has come out with a report which suggests Atlantic Canada is going to get a lot roomier over the next forty years or so. That’s because AIMS predicts the population of the region is going to drastically dwindle. What does this mean for Atlantic Canada’s economy? What, if anything, can be done to alter the situation? Go here to find out.

Still looking for a Christmas present? Well there’s a new documentary out for sale that chronicles the American Tea Party phenomenon. Called Tea Party, this documentary, in the words of the producers, “reveals what is at the heart of this nationwide surge of civic engagement – a return to and respect for a Constitutionally limited government, personal responsibility and fiscal restraint at the Federal level.” You can order it here.

What caused the great market meltdown of 2008? The popular answer is to blame capitalism. But in this essay the Foundation for Economic Education says the real culprit is big government. It’s the untold story of recession. Check it out