Nova Scotians are asking themselves what strengths and weaknesses they bring to the table in the ceaseless battle for competitive advantage in the knowledge economy, the place where technology and international trade meet. One assessment of Nova Scotia in this regard has been the annual Knowledge Economy Report Card of NovaKnowledge, a respected NGO concerned with the knowledge economy in the province.

AIMS, using the 2003 Report Card’s original analysis as a starting point, offers an additional fresh perspective on the issues Nova Scotians need to come to grips with if they’re serious about having the knowledge economy flourish in their province. In Acknowledging the Gaps in Our Knowledge Economy: A Call for Clear Thinking on High Tech in Nova Scotia, Dr. L. James Retallack investigates key issues and make suggestions to provide better starting points for understanding Nova Scotia’s current situation and, ultimately, encourage the growth of the knowledge economy within the province. Read the commentary

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