[HALIFAX] – AIMS Chairman Purdy Crawford and President Brian Lee Crowley are delighted to announce that this year’s Nobel Laureate in Economics, Professor Robert A. Mundell, has agreed to join the Institute’s Research Advisory Board.

Famous not only for his inspiration of U.S. economic policy in the 1980s, Professor Mundell is also regarded as the intellectual father of the European monetary union. He has taught economics for a number of years at Columbia University in New York. His research, says the Nobel Prize press release of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, “has had such a far reaching and lasting impact because it combines formal – but still accessible – analysis, intuitive interpretation and results with immediate policy application”. A full biographical note for Professor Mundell is available here.

In announcing his decision to join the Research Advisory Board of AIMS, Prof. Mundell noted that, with the launch of the European monetary union, “regional economic problems are going to be a major growth industry”, placing AIMS’ innovative work on Atlantic regional issues at the heart of some of the most important debates in economics today. Moreover, he has close ties to Atlantic Canada: his mother was a Cape Bretoner, and his brother and sister-in-law live in Nova Scotia.

The Research Advisory Board is made up of distinguished independent academics who ensure that AIMS’ research and publications meet the highest standards. To see who is on the AIMS Research Advisory Board, go here.

For further information, please contact Brian Lee Crowley, AIMS President
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