Halifax – The Atlantic Institute for Market Studies (AIMS) has again received prestigious international recognition for the excellence of its work. The latest prize is the 2005 Templeton Freedom Award for Institute Excellence.

The Templeton Freedom Awards Program celebrates the outstanding work of the top non-profit research institutes (or “think tanks”) and their contribution to the public’s understanding of policy issues. More than 200 think tanks in 67 countries are eligible for the Templeton Awards. AIMS is the only institute in North America to be honoured this year.

This is the fifth major international award for AIMS, which this year celebrates its 10th anniversary. It has the distinction of being awarded the prestigious Sir Antony Fisher Award four times; no other institute in the world has received this distinction more times than AIMS. The Fisher Award is given for excellence in think tank publications and projects and was awarded AIMS for “Looking the Gift Horse in the Mouth” (1997), “Operating in the Dark” (2000), “The Equalization Initiative” (2002) and “The Definitely NOT the Romanow Report” (2003).

AIMS President Brian Lee Crowley says this latest international award for excellence, during the Institute’s 10th anniversary year, is an opportunity to celebrate the ongoing international success of Atlantic Canada’s public policy think tank.

“This award recognizes the work of the many people who, through AIMS, provide insightful and thoroughly researched public policy alternatives that can make a difference not just in Atlantic Canada, but nationally and even internationally. It is proof that Atlantic Canadians can be world leaders in any field,” he said.

The Templeton Award, which includes a grant of $10,000 US, will be presented to AIMS and the other institutes who are among this year’s winners at the end of April in Miami during the Liberty Forum of the Atlas Economic Research Foundation, an annual event that attracts influential policy and thought leaders from around the world.


For further information, contact:

Brian Lee Crowley, President, 902-499-1998