February 26, 2013

Examining the possible risks of PEI Energy Commissions’ proposals

HALIFAX, NS- The PEI Energy Commission’s recent proposals dealing with power supply, utility regulation, and regional opportunities could lead to unnecessary cost increases, according to a new report released by the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies (AIMS).

The report, PEI Electricity Policy: A Review of the PEI Energy Commission Report, written by energy consultant Gordon L. Weil, reviews the commission’s proposals for possible risks, specifically to customers.

According to the commission, Maritime Electric should give up electric generation and let the provincial energy corporation take on full responsibility for power supply. This should reduce costs if the corporation neither collects profits nor pays taxes. However, as Weil points out, Maritime Electric would have to be compensated, and the investor-owned utility and province may have differing views of the fair amount to be paid.

While Weil’s report endorses some the commission’s proposals, he also outlines areas for further review and provides alternative approaches.

Weil concludes that the commission’s general review of PEI’s electricity policies, underrates the potential for regional cooperation.

 “As a consuming province, PEI would greatly benefit from a power pool as it could increase its power supply options, while reducing its costs.”

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