24 September 2012

AIMS launches bold new program to engage and inform students about liberty and the free market

HALIFAX, NS- The start of a new academic year brings about the creation of many new University campus clubs and societies. University classrooms, clubs and societies are exciting places to share knowledge, gain insight, and participate in healthy debate. Only, what happens when only one side of the argument is given in class and on campus?

AIMS on Campus is an exciting new program designed to even the playing field on University campuses across Canada. The Atlantic Institute for Market Studies (AIMS), with the generous support of the Lotte and John Hecht Memorial Foundation, has launched AIMS on Campus to connect, inform and empower students who wish to learn more about liberty and the free market, and share that knowledge on campus.

“AIMS on Campus seeks to provide an opportunity for balance and intellectual inclusion on Canadian university campuses,” said AIMS President and CEO Charles Cirtwill.

The AIMS on Campus program has established a unique student fellowship open to students across Canada who are keen to introduce the ideas of liberty and the free market to their peers on campus and who seek to build bridges and help foster a more intellectually inclusive environment at their school. Student fellows will have their writing highlighted on the AIMS on Campus website and will receive access to leading scholars, AIMS’ work and research, and on-campus speakers.

There are currently six AIMS on Campus fellows for 2012-2013 who have a passion for student engagement and enthusiasm for bringing the ideas of free markets, liberty and intellectual inclusion to their university campuses.

“I’m involved with AIMS on Campus because I’m passionate about challenging people’s ideas on the government panacea. This is all the more worthwhile when you are simultaneously obtaining valuable experience and networking opportunities,” says AIMS student fellow and Carleton University student Ian CoKehyeng.

AIMS on Campus hopes to connect with students across Canada and is extending the application deadline for student fellows to Oct. 5 for the 2012-2013 academic year. Interested applicants should contact [email protected] or call 902-429-1143 ext. 230 for more information about the AIMS on Campus student fellowship.


For more information please contact:

Charles Cirtwill
President and CEO
Atlantic Institute for Market Studies
[email protected]
902.429.1143 ext.225