Education pioneer Angus McBeath, Superintendent of the Edmonton public school system will be speaking at an AIMS event, Friday July 11, from 9:30 to 10:30 am at the Halifax Club, 1682 Hollis St, Halifax. Mr. McBeath is widely recognized as the leader of the ongoing effort of Edmonton Public Schools to improve student achievement.

Edmonton has revolutionized its public schools. Every school is now an education enterprise led by a strong principal with the power to implement change and the power to acquire the services and resources the students need when they need them.

Throughout North America Edmonton is being held up as the example of what the public schools can and should be.

School choice is a central feature of Edmonton’s success: the school district offers open enrolment and more kinds of school than any other district in the continent. These options have resulted in almost half of all students attending schools outside of their neighbourhoods and achievement scores rising across the board.

With their entrepreneurial spirit Edmonton’s public school system has been putting the competition out of business. Unlike most major cities, the number of students enrolling in private schools in Edmonton has been declining. Mr. McBeath is a compelling speaker and will be available for media opportunities immediately following his talk.

This event is an initiative of the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies in conjunction with the Society for the Advancement of Excellence in Education.

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