Halifax – The response to AIMS newest study “Grading our Future: Atlantic Canadian High School’s Accountability and Performance in Context” has demonstrated two things very clearly:

  1. Students, parents, teachers, administrators and the general public want to know how schools are doing.
  2. Not everyone sets the same priorities for educational outcomes.

AIMS is now providing another tool for the public to access information quickly – “Grading our Future” is now available online.

Do you think graduation rate is more important than academic achievement in math? Rank the schools on that basis. Do you only want to compare small rural schools with the highest teacher to student ratio? Sort your province’s schools that way and look at just the schools that interest you. Only interested in one school board, or certain size school? Perhaps you want to examine schools with the highest, or the lowest achieving students coming in their doors. All of these options are now open to you.

“In developing our report card on high school’s in Atlantic Canada we wanted to go beyond the models currently available” says AIMS President Brian Lee Crowley. “In the report itself we control for the conditions under which a school operates. In our online version we allow the public to decide what factors to use in ranking schools.”

Find the the report online.

For further information, please contact:

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Director of Communications and Development
Atlantic Institute for Market Studies
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