HALIFAX – ACOA Watch is a new publication of AIMS intended to provide independent and critical analysis of the efforts and activities of the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency.

Taxpayers will now be able to look to a regular AIMS’ series for the information they need for an informed debate about the relative merits of this taxpayer-funded program and its real contribution to the region’s economic well being.

ACOA is the flagship federal government organization leading the charge to “kick-start” the Atlantic Canadian economy and turn Atlantic Canada into a “have” region. As such, its success is of consequence to the people of Atlantic Canada and its activities and announcements worthy of full and informed debate.

In the inaugural issue, ACOA Watch takes a hard look at ACOA’s job creation numbers and finds some disturbing difficulties in bringing those claims into line with actual job growth in our region.

ACOA says it has been responsible for creating 150,000 new jobs in Atlantic Canada since its inception 15 years ago. That works out to an astonishing average of 10,000 jobs per year added to the economy. But this torrential rate of job creation is not exactly as it seems.

Read more in the inaugural edition of ACOA Watch

ACOA Watch is edited by Bruce Winchester, Director of Research for the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.

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