Halifax – Brian Lee Crowley, the founding president of the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies (AIMS), has returned to head the public policy think tank.

Crowley was seconded a year and a half ago to the country’s most prestigious economic policy advisory post in Ottawa: the Clifford Clark Visiting Economist in the federal Department of Finance.

The Clifford Clark is the most senior independent economic policy advisory position within the federal government and carries with it the rank of an Assistant Deputy Minister. During his time in Ottawa, Crowley worked on a broad range of policy files and redesigned the pre-budget consultation process. In 2007 he was named one of the 100 most influential people in Ottawa by The Hill Times.

Crowley was also appointed by the federal government as its representative on the panel on Crown Share Adjustment Payments. The federal – provincial panel was appointed to settle the long-standing technical dispute over the value of federal Crown Share Adjustment Payments to Nova Scotia under the original 1986 offshore petroleum resource accord.

“We’re pleased to have Brian back,” said John F. Irving, chairman of the AIMS Board of Directors. “His secondment was an honour for the Institute and recognition of the critical work he has done with AIMS, work that continued in his absence under the able leadership of Charles Cirtwill who stepped in as acting President.”

“Working behind the closed doors of Ottawa was an interesting experience and one that I know will influence my thoughts on public policy,” said Crowley. “However, it also made me much more acutely aware of the need for informed public policy debate in this country, which is exactly the work promoted by AIMS and other similar institutes. I am especially grateful to the whole team at AIMS for having done such a remarkable job in my absence and look forward to the pleasure of working with them again on the many issues facing the country and the region.”

The Atlantic Institute for Market Studies (AIMS) is an independent, non-partisan, social and economic policy think tank based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It has the distinction of being awarded the prestigious Sir Antony Fisher Award four times; no other institute in the world has received this international distinction more times than AIMS. In 2005 AIMS was also awarded the International Templeton Freedom for Institute Excellence.

The post of Clifford Clark Visiting Economist at the Department of Finance, established in 1983, honours the late Clifford Clark, who served as Deputy Minister of Finance from 1932 until his death in 1952. Occupants of the position advise the department on emerging economic issues and take part in policy development at the highest level. They are recruited from the ranks of prominent Canadian professionals who deal with economic, financial and monetary areas in the business and academic communities.


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