Halifax – The founding president of the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies, Brian Lee Crowley, has accepted one of the country’s most prestigious economic policy advisory posts in Ottawa. He will be the next Clifford Clark Visiting Economist in the federal Department of Finance.

During his tenure (which can last up to 24 months), Dr. Crowley will participate in the budget and policymaking process at the highest levels and in addition he will undertake a number of specific policy tasks. This is strictly a secondment on the federal government’s Executive Interchange programme. Dr. Crowley will return as president of the institute at the end of his appointment. In the interim he remains as a member of AIMS’ Advisory Council.

“This is an incredible honour for Brian and recognition of all the critical and important work he has conducted over the past twelve years at AIMS,” said David McD. Mann, chairman of the AIMS Board of Directors. “His appointment places him as one of the top economic minds in the country. It is an indication of the calibre of the work conducted by AIMS in its short history, establishing it as a leading public policy think tank.”

“I’m looking forward to the contribution I can make as a senior policy thinker from outside the department, while working within the department,” said Crowley. “How we deal with the economic challenges that Canada faces, from competitiveness, taxation, the fiscal imbalance, equalization and a host of others, will determine our quality and standard of life for many years to come. I am honoured to be asked to play such a vital role in responding to these challenges.”

Mann announced that Charles Cirtwill will become Acting President of AIMS during Crowley’s absence. Cirtwill is currently Vice President and Director of Operations. He has been the driving force behind the institute’s annual High School Report Card and public education reform project.

Cirtwill is a Halifax native who attended Dalhousie University, earning a BA in Political Science, an LLB, and an MPA with a focus on quantitative analysis and program outcome assessment. He has been with AIMS for six years.

“Obviously Brian’s presence influences AIMS, however the institute will continue to produce top-calibre, engaging and thought-provoking material while Brian is in Ottawa,” said Cirtwill. “AIMS’ best known public face may be missing for a while, but the institute still has many voices that will continue to take on the tough public policy issues that affect our lives.”

The Atlantic Institute for Market Studies (AIMS) is an independent, non-partisan, social and economic policy think tank based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It has the distinction of being awarded the prestigious Sir Antony Fisher Award four times; no other institute in the world has received this international distinction more times than AIMS. In 2005 AIMS was also awarded the International Templeton Freedom for Institute Excellence.

The post of Clifford Clark Visiting Economist at the Department of Finance, established in 1983, honours the late Dr. Clifford Clark, who served as Deputy Minister of Finance from 1932 until his death in 1952. Occupants of the position advise the department on emerging economic issues and take part in policy development at the highest level. They are recruited from the ranks of prominent Canadian professionals who deal with economic, financial and monetary areas in the business and academic communities.


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