NEW GLASGOW – Stellarton is considered one of the top municipalities for providing services at reasonable costs, according to a report released today, June 28, 2011, by the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies.
The town placed highest for governance and finance for low costs. It also provides the most effective police and fire services based, according to the report. Although, the report indicates, the town didn’t fair well in all categories, it was among the top three for overall performance. Included in the top list were Parrsboro and Digby County.
At the bottom were Annapolis Royal, Shelburne and Oxford.
The second annual Nova Scotia Municipal Performance Report by AIMS analyzes all municipalities for the services they provide and the costs they charge to their residents. The report grades and ranks each municipality on its efficiency – the ability to keep costs low – and effectiveness – delivering high-quality services – in seven categories: Governance and Finance, Taxation, Safety and Protection, Environment, Transportation, Economic Development, and Recreation and Culture. Results are presented for overall performance and for performance in these individual categories.
“In assigning the overall grades, the authors have set a high bar for our municipalities” says AIMS President Charles Cirtwill, “low cost, high quality services across seven broad categories of what our communities are supposed to provide. With the best overall mark being a “B” I think that says we have lots of room for improvement.”
But Stellarton wasn’t the only one in the county to get a positive nod from AIMS. Pictou received mention for having the lowest cost for transportation services while Trenton was considered the most effective municipality in the governance and finance.
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