A Halifax-based group has graded the province’s 55 municipalities.

The Atlantic Institute for Market Studies released its second annual report card on municipalities Wednesday.

AIMS President Charles Cirtwill tells The Hawk they looked at a number of areas when they came up with their marks.

“We go and find all the information that the municipalities have decided to make public about themselves,” he says. “Basically on the position that if these are the measures that they want to be assessed on then these are the measures we are going to look at.”

Some of the areas include governance and finance, taxation, transportation and economic development.

Antigonish Co. and Richmond Co. were first in the Quad Counties, with an overall B; Mulgrave was last with a C.

Cirtwill says they found no municipal unit is perfect.

“Just about every municipality has a dog,” he says. “They have a place where they spend a lot of money and aren’t getting very much bang for their dollar.”

You can find the full report and all the grades here.